Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where were you Kelly??

Ok I'm 57 years old and I signed up for a Womens Adventure Bootcamp a month ago, because my friend Kelly told me how much fun it was. Right. Day 1, it's 6am and I'm standing in what used to be an old corn field with a group of mostly 30 somethings. It's dark, and we're being asked why we're there. There is no rational reason. I was living and working in Vancouver when most of these women were born. It's been gruelling to say the least. I am almost always the last person to finish anything.
This morning was the worst. I woke up at 525am and looked outside. It was pouring rain. First thought....I am not going. Then I started thinking about Kelly. I debated...would she show? I thought yes, she did last week after a Muttley Crew meeting where we inhaled a lot of red wine. She showed up, I didn't. So there I was in the dark at 605am lying in a sandy puddle doing pushups on a wet yoga mat that had been taken over as a worm raft. Where was that Kelly??


  1. "worm raft" . Too funny. I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures in the burbs :)

  2. I was napping comfortably while you avoided the worms :) Aren't you glad bootcamp is finally over??? But now what? It's back to Goodlife for me.

    I love that you're writing a blog. I know I can count on a chuckle from every post.

  3. you're my morning hero! I can barely get up by 7 AM and working out for me is getting showered, dressed and not forgetting the kid to drive her to school! Looking forward to reading more!
    Terri T

  4. Love the pic!! Not inspiring me to sign up though :)

  5. This is fabulous Suzanne! You were definitely born to write, and to make people laugh. Thank God for dogs is all I can say. I never would have known you if not for Brody and Sailor. Maybe there will be Mutt Musings in your future?